The Angels are Applauding You…

  • 28th October 2016 |
  • Author: Sarah

Angel Tarot Release


Part 1

Yes, the angels are indeed applauding you, me and every soul here on Planet Earth. They are applauding us for our courage in choosing to come here and in being here. Unlike the Ascended Masters they haven’t been here in human form yet. In fact, angels are on their way to being ‘human’.

They are in the angelic realms, but they are close by waiting for us to ask for help. The beings we access are opportunities and possibilities of ourselves and all. There are so many beings around you right now. Can you feel them? They are eager to get you back to your knowing, eager to help you re-member. You will align with those who are a vibrational match with you and that is a beautiful ‘dance’.

There is something I would like to bring to your attention. You are not less than them. They regard you as being far greater than them, and they applaud you because you took the risk of separating yourself from your knowing when you came here as a soul to have a physical experience. Why did you do that? So that you could be your most expanded self. The angels applaud you for that and are there in the wings (no pun intended) to assist you in coming back to your powerful essence.

You have a mutual helping relationship. They help you to gain knowledge so that you in turn can be a teacher, continually gaining knowledge – the knowing – and then passing that on, encouraging and sharing with others. You have a beautiful relationship with the angelic beings. You are not their student. What is happening is an expansion and an exchange – all the time. Be constantly connected to these beings. They are there for you, but you are there for their expansion too.

Humans are so powerful. When you understand how powerful you are in relation to the angels the true you becomes unleashed. When you know and communicate with the angels you are lead to your powerful essence. How wonderful is that?

Part 2

They truly are applauding you and at the same time supporting you and leading you to your powerful essence and truth. Humans are so powerful.  Understand that you are so powerful in relation to the angelic beings, so that you can be unleashed. When this happens you know how communication truly feels. You are taken to a different place/plane/space/energy and this is a gift to yourself.

As I shared above, knowing the angels leads you to knowing and being your powerful essence. Your life changes because each time you broaden your perspective your life expands.

On the other hand, if you feel lack in your life, you are giving away your power. It has been taken from you over the ages. You’ve been made to give it up. You have been degraded. You have been separated from it and made to let go of your power rather than allowed to access it.

To enable change in your life you have to make the change. No one else can fix your life. However, you can fix your life through seeing the expression of others. That indeed is what Angel Cuddle Cafe is about – others’ demonstration, guiding you to remember how powerful you are and how you can fix yourself, or re-align with your powerful higher self. The angels can aid you when you stay in communication with them. Remember, you just have to ask.

But at the end of the day, it is you who has to get your powerful self back. If you rely on anything or anyone else you are still giving yourself away. You are limiting yourself. The angels want you to use them as tools to access yourself and your consciousness. They don’t want you to follow them. They want their guidance and teachings to lead you to yourself. All the time you are in need of reminding, they are there for you, guiding you, reminding you and always applauding you.

The angels have infinite patience! LOL. They have the patience to continue the communication with you, following your requests. Don’t forget to constantly draw on that guidance. They are your cheer leaders. You are the ground workers shedding limitations to rediscover your powerful selves, opening your hearts and demonstrating the experience to others around you.

Essentially this is about releasing yourself from fear consciousness. It is about a state of being. It is experiential.  It is not intellectual – it is not about talking or thinking about it. We are talking embodiment. Stay in communication with the angels and draw on that powerful energy around and within you. We are all the same energy of the same source.

Card Reading:

I pulled a card from the Angel Tarot Deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine for a message from the angels and the card which showed up was “Release”. LOL. Confirmation!

As you can see in the image, Archangel Azrael is standing in a field of pure white roses, with his arms outstretched to greet or cuddle us and to receive the change or transformation. The phoenix on his robe represents rebirth and transformation. The white roses represent purity of intention and rebirth too. So big changes are coming. Release the old that does not serve and open to receive the new.

On the right there is a horse taking care of her young horses. For me this represents the angels standing by to take care of you and be there for you, comforting you when there is need and guiding you. Horses also represent freedom to move on. Think how wonderful it is to see horses running free in the wild or along the seashore. That is an amazing and exhilarating energy that we feel just seeing that. Don’t you agree? Feel that energy…

Angel cuddles,



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