Mont St Michel Transmission

  • 30th November 2016 |
  • Author: Sarah

Sarah Barton at Mont St Michel

I have prepared a Mont St Michel Healing Transmission audio for you.

As I am on Angel Cuddle Trails, I thought it appropriate to share this transmission from the very first energy portal I visited on the first Angel Cuddle Trail. The trails began in September 2012. I travelled up to the north of France for the first leg of the trail.

I stayed in the very pretty St Malo and travelled from there to Mont St Michel which is on the St Michael line. I explain more of that at the beginning of the audio. As there is no linear time I can share the now moment with you and my experience at the Mount as I radiated out love and healing from this powerful energy portal.

Mont St Michel Transmission

So, let’s go to Mont St Michel now…

Click here to listen to and experience the transmission

(You may need to turn up your volume control as the sound is a little low)

Angel Cuddles,



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