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Today’s sharing is from my Angel Cuddle Trails in Cornwall – St Michael’s Mount. I began the sharing of the trails at Mont St Michel, in France. On that same trip, I went across the water to England, following the loveline that runs between the two sister mounts.

St Michael’s Mount is the axis point of the two leylines/dragonlines/lovelines, whatever your preference for the term. The energy is strong at this portal.

On that occasion, I arrived too late to visit the castle and gardens, so I sat at the quayside in the harbour, where I connected above and below, emitting love and ‘healing’ out along the lovelines to the continent and up through England, along the St Michael Leyline.

As I transmitted the loving energy I felt a physical jolt in my Root and Sacral Chakras. I could feel an energy surge pulsing through me. The feeling of pure love, peace and joy was indescribable. I felt physically and internally lighter.

The next time I went, I was in time to go up in the beautiful gardens and the castle. Come along with me on the Angel Cuddle Trails as we walk across the beach to the causeway. Feel the energy of this beautiful portal drawing you. Breathe in three deep breaths and expand your lungs with the pure energy and the sea air…

Sarah Barton at St Michael's Mount

On my first visit, I transmitted the loving energy sitting on the quayside on the left of this photo…

St Michael's Mount harbour

Let’s climb the steps up into the gardens.

Gardens at St Michael's Mount

Admire the view from here…

View from St Michael's Mount gardens

Now we climb up to the castle…

Castle at St Michael's Mount

After visiting the castle, we make our way back down, stopping off at the Giant’s Well to share an energy transmission.

After the transmission, a guide came to tell us that we must leave the island. (My two daughters and I were the last visitors remaining). We had to go back by boat with the guides as the sea had come in.

Leaving St Michael's Mount

As I share the pure love with you, your frequency is elevated and you will lighten the hearts of those you come in contact with. Thank you – for passing on the angel cuddles…

Many blessings, angel cuddles, love and light,



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