Spot the butterfly who accompanied me.


I went for a walk down to the river at Plaigne and made a couple of videos, one of them being this one – What Does the Eclipse of 21st August Mean for Us?


Watch the video, made down by the river in sunny Plaigne to hear my interpretation of what the eclipse means for us, as an energy portal. It’s a time for taking loving action, a time for change, and seeing what has been hidden from us.


What should we do and how should we be when we become aware? When we see?
Hold the love and shine the light no matter what is reflected back to us.


We are the Lion hearts holding the light and love. At the time of the eclipse, the sun goes out for a little while, but we still hold that light in our hearts. We see things that we don’t normally see – we see stars in the middle of the day…


Sarah Barton - a video at Vixiège River at Plaigne


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Angel Cuddles,


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