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Welcome and thank you for being a part of Angel Cuddle Cafe!

At Angel Cuddle Cafe I’m going to be sharing videos, podcasts, retreats, sharing info and healing and spiriti-practical tools for re-awakening, soul re-membering, sharing angel cuddles, showing up with a view to living on purpose, while spreading love and Divine wisdom, advocating and bringing peace on Mother Earth.


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I look forward to connecting with you…

Guest Speaker

I would love to hear if you have some suggestions for guest speakers, or perhaps you would like to be a guest speaker and share your gifts or wisdom with the world. Contact me at sarah@angelcuddlecafe(dot)com with “Guest Speaker” as the subject line. I truly look forward to hearing from you.

Magazine Submissions

SoulZignS Magazine

My great friend and soul sister, Camilla Lundberg and I are publishing a magazine attached to Angel Cuddle Cafe. We are very excited to announce that “SoulZignS” will be emerging from the press for the first time on 8th March 2017. There is a story to that title which will be revealed later…

There will be two formats – the hard copy version and the downloadable electronic version.

The magazine’s purpose is to touch your soul and reveal the adventure it yearns to be, fully expressing YOU. Discover the pure love, joy and magic in the world within and around you. Sharing light and love. And in the words of Camilla:

I want it to be uplifting. To give hope and love and strengthen all who read it.”

We are calling for submissions from writers, poets, photographers and…

So, if you share in our beliefs, in the purpose of the magazine, we are welcoming submissions. If you feel you have something to share, either writings or photography, we’d like to share with you some of the topics we’ll be covering, so that you get some inspiration or ideas of how you could participate in SoulZignS.

Here,in no particular order, are some of the topics we’ve already decided upon:

Inspirational stories, natural medicines, interviews, self-development, self-love, love, peace on Earth, inner peace, Sacred Sites, herbs, angel messages, Mary Magdalene, meditation, recipes (if you have recipes for healthy eating; also, medicinal recipes, healing or preventative recipes/remedies); we’ll be sharing our own, but we’d love to collect other people’s.

Crystals, angels, Archangels, fairies, Ascended Masters, colouring therapy (it’s something Camilla and I have been working on – a colouring therapy project. I also know that other people design patterns and mandalas that help you de-stress, relax, focus on certain things, even meditating while you are colouring).

So, if anyone has anything along these lines they’d like to share… we would love to hear from you.

Submissions & Queries:

Go to the contact page where you can contact us with any queries or suggestions about the magazine. Or you can email us at: sarah@angelcuddlecafe(dot)com.

Include “Magazine” in the subject line so that we know it is specifically about that.

The magazine will be quarterly: March, June, September, December

Submissions will be ongoing and you can submit at any time, but if you want the submission to go in a particular issue, you will need to submit at least 3 months in advance of the actual issue date.

If your submission is accepted, you will receive a complimentary copy of the issue in which it is published.


Guidelines for Submissions

Your digital submissions should be sent to sarah@angelcuddlecafe(dot)com

All images must be high resolution – 300 dpi for printing purposes. We may not be able to use your image if the resolution and size are not great enough.

We accept photos on their own. They may be used to accompany written works or backgrounds for say, quotes, or as standalone pieces of art in SoulZignS.

Generally, articles up to approximately 1000 words are an acceptable length. For stories, word count is up to 3000 words. We may consider longer articles and stories to be published in parts in two or more issues. There is no harm in asking!

You may include accompanying images for written submissions or we may choose images or request images from other contributors to accompany your written work.

Please include your name and address with your submissions.  If you would like a Bio Box to be included, please only include one URL and bear in mind that links can not be hyperlinked for printed copy. The info included in the Bio Box will be published at our discretion. We may ask for a revision.

Sometimes, when you submit for one issue, we will decide that it would be better in another later issue or we may decide it would be better suited as a guest blog post. In such cases, we may hold on to your submission for a longer period of time (up to 12 months).  Please state that you do not want your work to be considered as a guest blog post, if that is the case.


We only accept original work, written or graphic. Upon submission, you are declaring that it is your own work. All illustrations and photographs used to accompany a written work must be copyright free, if they are not your work, or you must have written permission to use them. It is your responsibility to verify that there is no copyright infringement. If you quote someone, refer to particular techniques, books etc. the people concerned must be attributed credit.

While we have been given your submission for consideration, please do not submit the same piece(s) to other publishers (print or web-based). Please do not submit work that you have already had published elsewhere, with the exception of your personal blog. If in doubt, please contact us.

We really are looking forward to presenting the magazine to the world and sharing with others, and letting others share their souls, their experiences and assist others. We are looking forward to your submissions.



Once again, Welcome to Angel Cuddle Cafe!

Angel cuddles,




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