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  Spot the butterfly who accompanied me.   I went for a walk down to the river at Plaigne and made a couple of videos, one of them being this one – What Does the Eclipse of 21st August Mean for Us?   Watch the video, made down by the river in sunny Plaigne to hear

Pam Oslie’s Workshops Some of you will remember that I went to Somerset in December, to visit one of our Angel Cuddle Cafe members, the beautiful Rowen. Well, as you can see from the image above, Rowen was very impressed by Pamala Oslie’s workshops which she attended in Ireland, and was inspired to organise some

I was the Daily Inspiration, sent to the members, from Portal of Hope for Women yesterday, 11th March Yes, it’s an angel number and so, very appropriate, especially as I always think of the number 11 as a doorway or portal. I often read Mary Magdalene”s Gospel for inspiration. After reading it, MY words of

Freedom. Prosperity. The feminine force/energy/power needs for there to be a change and to have peace on Earth. Everyone has the feminine and masculine in their makeup. It is necessary for there to be a balance between the feminine and masculine, just as there is a balance between everything in nature, in life… Today, SoulZignS

I am going to share some excerpts here from a report I have published. If you would like the full report, which includes some sample journaling pages, compliments of Angel Cuddle Publishing, you can collect it HERE or on the Journaling Joy image above. You will be able to print off the journaling pages that take

I got creative for you with something that is intended to be helpful… Someone kindly gave me a calendar and told me I could do anything with it, so I have adapted it, added some energy-infused photos from my Angel Cuddle Trails and made it into a downloadable monthly calendar for you. It’s a simple

St John Church, Glastonbury. Christmas Candles (Scroll down for the video) Firstly, for those who celebrate, Season’s Greetings to you. I give thanks for Yeshua and his team mate and Beloved Disciple, Mary Magdalene and their teachings on Love and sharing the Christ Consciousness. They came to the Earth as a team and they continue

Mont St Michel Transmission

  • 30th November 2016 |
  • Author: Sarah

I have prepared a Mont St Michel Healing Transmission audio for you. As I am on Angel Cuddle Trails, I thought it appropriate to share this transmission from the very first energy portal I visited on the first Angel Cuddle Trail. The trails began in September 2012. I travelled up to the north of France

The Angels are Applauding You…

  • 28th October 2016 |
  • Author: Sarah

  Part 1 Yes, the angels are indeed applauding you, me and every soul here on Planet Earth. They are applauding us for our courage in choosing to come here and in being here. Unlike the Ascended Masters they haven’t been here in human form yet. In fact, angels are on their way to being

    Last weekend, I agreed to go accro-branching (Tree Acrobatics). I was asking myself whatever had possessed me, as I don’t like heights. When we arrived, the guide who put on my harness looked at me with a surprised and amused air and said: “Ahaaaa! Granny is going to give it a try.” He


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