Esti Venus Healing Hangout: Portal of Hope for Women


It’s Friday 10th February… Let the Healing Hangouts continue…


Esti Venus at Angel Cuddle Cafe

Esti Venus – Life Coach and Creator of the Portal of Hope for Women


This Healing Hangout is public because I wanted to share Esti’s amazing vision and Portal with as many women as I could. When I discovered Esti’s ‘project’ I had to invite her to Angel Cuddle Cafe and be a part of this loving and creative adventure… We all have so much to give, receive and share…

Learn about the Portal of Hope for Women – a rapidly expanding and very supportive community. Esti has opened her heart and discovered her true passion and purpose. Discover that passion as it flows from the video.

Some quotes from Esti:

Here is my intention:

“To build, grow, and maintain a GLOBAL, love-based sisterhood offering empowerment, direction, and potential for financial self-sufficiency to all women.”

“I encouraged the women with whom I shared this “calling” to join me as sisters-in-spirit; so we can build a portal to offer all sorts of services to other women without charging a dime. We believe we can make a miracle; actually many miracles to answer the prayers of other women and contribute to our sisters’ well-being by helping them move forward.

I received an avalanche of positive responses!

So here we are, just a short time from sharing the vision, already matching women who need help with women who can provide it. It is real!”

Already, the Portal has gone far beyond the initial vision and I am glad to be a part of it and to be sharing it with you, here at Angel Cuddle Cafe.


Listen to our 30 minute Hangout to discover more…

Here are the links that we mention during the Hangout:



GoFundMe link:


And the closed Facebook group TOGETHER WE CAN:



About Esti:


What I can say from a perspective of time is that, of course, I could list the events, happening, education and such to fill my Bio, but I find it much more true to state that I recognize my growth as a being in this lifetime in stages beginning in childhood, of course. What a bliss that was to be free and not worry about a thing! Like a life in a mysterious fable filled with wonder and beauty. Ah…


Adolescence was a prior of rebellion, though hard to specify against what. I guess that was a time of searching for something without knowing what it was. The great news though is that the search got underway. Growing into so-called adulthood was exciting but not because there was something special about it, but because the culture and traditions said so. And that was misleading. The rebellion had ended because suddenly there were responsibilities to take care of, child, husband, household, work, overtime, etc. The magic of childhood seemed to move further and further away. These too were the days of searching, but a search more into the relief of burdens than of something meaningful.


Adulthood was not as exciting as it was portrayed.

But the time came in my true adulthood. Time of relaxing the grip, letting go of beliefs, opening the mind and heart to the unknown, the inexperienced. I feel, there was no search any more – just a knowing and joyous expectancy of a wonder of the next day, the journey. There was and is the opening of the heart to another dimension of love. The kind of love that encompasses all, all beings; the inclusive type. I feel so blessed and on purpose knowing that I too can be a beneficial being in this Universe. I feel, know and have a glimpse of deep, spiritual satisfaction perpetuating my life, action, and desire toward greater good for all. I am truly grateful.

I am thrilled to introduce you to Esti Venus…




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