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It’s Friday 16th December… Let the Healing Hangouts continue…

Sylvia Charlewood at Angel Cuddle Cafe


Sylvia Charlewood – Medium, Author and Receiver of Automatic Cathar Writings

Learn about the 7 Principles of Mediumship and how life can be fun and entertaining when you let go and let your intuitive gifts come through.

Learn about Catharism – les bon hommes and les bonnes femmes, their beliefs and the relevance of their message today.

Listen to Sylvia sharing excerpts from her book and the fascinating history of how the book came about.

(Click on the image above to start video)

This Healing Hangout was recorded with Sylvia in person during my recent visit to England.

During the Hangout Sylvia shares a number of excerpts from her book, The Cathar Message. I have scanned some of the excerpts in my copy of the book, and I am making the pdf available, so as to enhance your experience. The pdf includes the first poem the Cathars shared via Sylvia. 

 You can access the pdf HERE!

“And we went barefoot:

we had cast our shoes,

whatever we had left

of brooch or buckle

into our cloaks and down the cleft

beyond the battlements.

So we went barefoot

to our funerary pile,

cloak-less, with just one garment,

for propriety…”


The Cathar Message at Angel Cuddle Cafe

The Cathar Message 

Received Writings

Introducing Sylvia’s book:

The Cathar Message Received Writings by Audree De Groot

Get your copy by clicking on the image or clicking Here!


Free Gift

Greening the Laurel

Greening the Laurel

During the Healing Hangout Sylvia very generously presented me with six copies of her Cathar inspired collection of poems – Greening the Laurel.

If you would like a copy contact me at sarah(at)angelcuddlecafe.com requesting your copy and I will send you a copy if I still have some available. As I have a limited number, this offer is for Angel Cuddle Cafe members only.

About Sylvia

Sylvia Charlewood was born in England, near Wimbledon, and is now approaching her eightieth year.

She writes stories and poetry, although she does not claim to be a great writer.

She has studied Comparative Religion, English History and Literature and Women’s’ Studies, at university level.

In Sylvia’s own words:

Having been naturally sensitive and mediumistic all my life I have worked for many years in the Spiritualist Tradition.

I was drawn to the Cathars, their lives, beliefs and fate, and have travelled to France, to Languedoc, in order to further my studies and to be in closer contact with these amazingly learned and brave people.

I believe in reincarnation, as I was surprised to find that I knew people whom I had not met during my present lifetime. Nature wastes nothing so there seems to be no reason why our ‘souls’ and all that we learn during a lifetime should not be recycled.

I am thrilled to introduce you to… Sylvia Charlewood


I have lived in the Languedoc in SW France for more than 20 years. I bought a copy of Sylvia’s book last year and when I started to read it I had a number of aha moments. Along with the Mary Magdalene energy, I now realised what had drawn me to this part of the world – the Cathar energy. I knew that I lived in the Cathar Country but I didn’t really know that much about the Cathars, their beginnings, their beliefs and their ways, or why Catharism was felt necessary. I now realise that a number of my beliefs go hand in hand with the Good Men and Good Women. It has only taken me 20 years! 

At the end of the day, the only way is LOVE




It’s Friday 18th November… Let the Healing Hangouts continue…

Karen Sophia Peck at Angel Cuddle Cafe


Karen Sophia Peck – Facilitator, Teacher, Multidimensional Healer and Etheric Surgeon for Light Body Activations

Special Offer

Allowing your light to shine!

Discover Soul Planning and Divine Healing Master Key.

Bring your Soul online

(Click on Karen’s image to start video)

Special Offer

ACC Free Gift Button

You can benefit from the Unified Chakra Meditation every day to really open up to spirit.

This technique is brought to us by Archangel Ariel and was channeled by Tashira Tashi-Ren.

This meditation is an important tool for Ascension as it allows all your energy fields to unify. Your chakras, (including those connecting you to the spiritual realms) to become aligned and connected.


About Karen:

Facilitator. Teacher. Multidimensional Healer and Etheric Surgeon for Light Body Activations.

Karen Sophia Peck has been on a conscious spiritual path for over 20 years. In this time she has developed her skills as a medium, spiritual counselor, intuitive channel and animal empathy. Her path is now to help people follow their Path of Ascension into Wholeness

Karen is a heart centered empath and combines this with her natural catalytic energies to help empower and move people towards their spiritual goals. Her aim is to support you in bringing Heaven on Earth to allow your soul’s light to shine so you can embody the highest expression of who you are in this lifetime.

I am thrilled to introduce you to… Karen Sophia Peck.


What people are saying about Karen:

I had a Divine Healing session with Karen today, which was brilliant. Without very much input on my part, she was able to find and clear subconscious blockages that have been present throughout my entire life. Many of them revolved around guilt and the need to feel accepted. She also tapped into fear-based beliefs that were hindering my evolution and as a result I am now feeling a huge sense of freedom. My mind is more organised. Immediately I was able to recognise where I was holding myself back and how my conditioning was affecting my present life and my behaviour. I now feel that I am balanced and understand myself a bit more and ready to face any challenges ahead! I cannot thank you enough Karen! X



It’s Friday 4th November… Let the Healing Hangouts continue…


Noga Meir at Angel Cuddle Cafe

Noga Meir – Shaman, Spiritual Healer, and Teacher


Learn about life as a South American shaman and the Munay Ki Rites passed on from the Ancient Incas.

Experience and embody the space of unconditional love that is always there for you.


(Click on Noga’s image to start video)

Special Offer

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Organise a Munay Ki Workshop and Receive the 9 Initiations at no charge

Munay Ki is a specific initiation to raise the level of consciousness and health.

Munay means “I love you”

Ki is Chi – It is the energy of love and works on the whole body on all levels.

Organise a group of like-minded people who want to come to Peru for two weeks on a transformational journey…


About Noga:

Noga Meir was born in Israel where she spent most of her life.

From early childhood she felt different and had extensive memories from other lives mainly in India. At the age of 2 she had had her first mystical experience which has influenced her course of life and led her to dive into the spiritual world, first as a seeker, then as a spiritual healer, then as a spiritual teacher.

Seven years ago she had another mystical experience (one of many) which led her to renounce her former life and move to Peru. In Peru she was introduced to both the Andean teachings in the form of Munay Ki, and the jungle shamanism. She was asked by her different shamans from Peru, both from the high mountains and the jungle, to combine those teachings and spread them all over the world.

With Noga’s deep passion to raise the consciousness on earth she started traveling all over the world, sharing the Munay Ki Rites, teaching spiritual teachings and sharing her knowledge about the sacred plants.

Noga is available for private or group initiations and workshops and taking groups of like-minded people on spiritual journeys to Peru.

I am thrilled to introduce you to…Noga Meir

It’s Friday 21st October… Let the Healing Hangouts continue…

Jen Duchene at Angel Cuddle Cafe


Jen Duchene – Queen of Joy, Royal Diviner & Healer, Speaker, Author, Astro-Numerologist & Akashic Records Consultant & Teacher

Special Offer

Rejuvenate your Royal Joy.

Become Queen of your life, Every Single Day.

(Click on Jen’s image to start video)

Special Offer

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You can benefit from Jen’s Meditation for Grounding from the Akashic Records every day.

It is very important to ground daily to get into that space of Joy & Majesty within oneself, to be connected above, but able to manifest here on Earth.


About Jen:

Jen Duchene, Queen of Joy, Royal Diviner & Healer,, Speaker, Author, Astro-Numerologist & Akashic Records Consultant & Teacher, helps people express themselves freely to become Queen of their own Lives, every single day.

Her clients are guided and supported to uncover their most powerful abilities and vision – break through blocks, release “emotional weight,” and manifest what they desire in their business and personal lives. Jen serves as a clear, unbiased channel that fast-tracks healing and creates a Success Path for glorious, prosperous and Joyful living!

I am thrilled to introduce you to… Jen Duchene


What people are saying about Jen:

Your akashic records are all of the records of your lifetimes. Jen goes in and retrieves information for you, to help you clear old, old, old stuff that keeps popping up in your life. Sounds too woo-woo? It might feel that way–and yet the healing that happens is oh, so real! Jen helped me clear an old burden I was carrying for lifetimes, and helped propel me forward into confidently stepping in to my business.

Lisa D’Alessio


Jen’s unique gift with the Akashic records allows her to go deep, deep, deep into the spiritual field and untangle, release and dissolve those attachments that no longer serve us. The process is so very gentle and highly, highly effective.

If this resonates with you in even the slightest way (spiritual nudges can be quite subtle), contact Jen to figure out the next steps. I give her my highest recommendation!!!

Hope Seavers


Last week I had a most amazing Akashic Records reading with Jen Duchene of “Illuminate 8”. I can’t truly begin to explain what this is all about – I just know there are energies surrounding us that we don’t understand or can imagine, and we can tap into those energies to inform us about our own lives. AND I know that happened so powerfully during this reading. Insights and truths (ya know when you hear a truth about yourself and it kinda hits you in your gut? Yeah, like that) as well as guidance on next steps to put these insights into action in my life and business. I’m so grateful for this experience.

Bettanne Green


Working with Jen Duchene has been such a life blessing to me. She helped me to answer so many “Whys” in my life and then to clear them and then to release what I don’t need any more. I am so grateful to this wonderful, beautiful and whole-hearted woman.

Mary Boisselle




It’s Friday 7th October… Let the Healing Hangouts continue…



Camilla Lundberg – Spiritual Messenger & Author

Special Offer

Messages of Love by Camilla Lundberg

Learn about and experience the Messages of Love. (Click on the image and the video will commence).

My apologies for the very beginning of the video. The internet connection and sound recording appear to have needed some time to warm up during the welcome intro! It very quickly warms up ready for the essentials.

I am including a pdf document here which you can download which accompanies the video and includes the excerpts from the Messages of Love so you can read along with me, if you would like. I’ve also included the transcript for the Mary Magdalene Healing Meditation so that you can come back to it whenever you like:

You can download the pdf Here
Special Offer

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Page from Messages of Love Colouring Therapy

Camilla and I are working on a Colouring Book which accompanies the “Messages of Love”. Colouring is a fun and relaxing meditation-alternative with numerous benefits. Some benefits of colouring include:

  • It increases your positive energy, building confidence and making tasks easier.
  • You develop your imagination and artistic skills.
  • You receive more clarity of mind.
  • You can get into a state of mindfulness just like with meditation.
  • It relieves stress.

We are taking messages from Camilla’s book and creating angel inspired mandalas and patterns. Our Free Gift for you is an excerpt from the colouring book – “Messages of Love Angel Inspired Colouring Therapy” – with 5 colouring pages to download and print off. Each colouring page has a message of love for you to meditate upon while you are colouring. So, without further ado, click on the Free Gift button above and start your colouring therapy!



About Camilla:

Camilla Lundberg is an Author & Spiritual Messenger, Intuitive therapist, Healer and Naturopathist (Nature medical therapist).


In her treatments she uses her knowledge in, for example the elements, meridians, acupressure and zones and combines it together with healing and her intuition.
She also works with help and messages from the angels.

I am thrilled to introduce you to Camilla Lundberg…

It’s Friday 23rd September… Let the Healing Hangouts continue…

Alain Deguire


Alain Deguire – Spiritual Life Coach

Special Offer

Learn about the Ascension Process from 3D to 5D.

Special Offer

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Benefit from Alain’s complimentary Peace Meditation and the beautiful Power Manifestation Invocation videos.

The Peace Meditation is a guided meditation for supporting your inner Peace as much as Peace in the World.

The Power of Manifestation Invocation supports your Natural Inner Power as Divine Creator creating / manifesting the miracles you desire in your life. The video has gorgeous Nature images


About Alain:

Alain is a spiritual life coach. In Alain’s words:

“I devoted my whole life, making a priority of my personal and spiritual development. I realized at an early age that I was not having the same kind of thinking as most people around me; I had questions that were disturbing and brought people to have me “shut up”, telling me that I should look at it from another perspective if I wanted to be happy in life.

And, that’s exactly what I did for up to 30 years of age. But, strangely, while adopting their perspective was supposed to make me happy in life, it was indeed quite the contrary that was really happening. And, from there, it was the beginning of uncovering the True Alain from underneath all of these programs, of a long search in finding what could be true in all of this and what would feel appropriate to me.

I have been there, done that. I discovered that there is not a single truth but as many truths as there are individuals… and, we are totally free to believe, create and experience our own truth… as, indeed, We Are the Absolute Creator of all that is, we experience through the Choices we make in each moment and circumstance.

I am now committed, while still moving forward on my own growth path, to support you along your own spiritual path of life; and, as importantly, to BEing an Ambassador of the Light during these transitional times on the New Earth – Magnificent Mother Gaia.”


Alayana will Coach and Help You Awaken to your True Identity in God. He will Support You with the fulfillment of your Divine Plan and Guide You in your Ascension Process. He Acts as a Catalyst in Raising up Consciousness and in Restoring Peace and Harmony, within and without.

His dedication to his own inner work and his experience of the past 28 + years, combined with his innate knowing and the Presence of Spiritual Guides is all actually put to your Service.

I am thrilled to introduce you to… Alain Deguire



It’s Friday 16th September… Let the Healing Hangouts continue…

Patrick Prohaska


Patrick Prohaska – Authenticity Coach & Energy Healer – Thrive Energetics

Special Offer

Learn about Thrive Energetics, integrating the whole human experience — living in the 3rd Dimension but staying connected to higher dimensions, releasing tension, being an empath, embracing the transformation, cultural contracts, shifting beliefs about self-love, money energy, gratitude and shifting into a place of surplus…

[I did a separate recording of the intro of the video and Patrick’s bio. We were both experiencing weather and internet connection issues and the beginning of the Hangout video didn’t record very well.]



Please note that at about the 27 minute mark the sound and vision goes on the Hangout video below, but it comes back after about 3 minutes. So, I advise you to fast forward the video to about the 30 minute mark. If you don’t want to fast forward the video, it is worth waiting for the next section!

Special Offer

ACC Free Gift Button

Enjoy Patrick’s complimentary Alignment of Bodies activation session.

This session includes two powerful morphogenetic field activations designed to restore balance and equanimity among your physical, mental, and emotional bodies


About Patrick:

After a long and stressful career as an upscale restaurant manager, Patrick Prohaska left the hospitality industry to embrace his calling as an authenticity coach and energy healer.

He is an expert in Law of Attraction life coaching, subconscious reprogramming, and energetic activations for healing and personal growth.

With a BA in history of science and an MA in the religions of ancient India, Patrick is a well-rounded expert in the interplay of science and religion, and he applies higher dimensional tools for Awakening and growth from a foundation based in science.

He has studied massage therapy, aromatherapy, Reiki, Law of Attraction life coaching, various schools of Yoga, Theta Healing, Awakening Dynamics, and other healing systems, and has developed his own unique system of energetic activations called Thrive Energetics.

Patrick is based in Southern California, and is available for lectures, seminars, and workshops around the globe.


I am thrilled to introduce you to… Patrick Prohaska




It’s Friday 9th September… Let the Healing Hangouts continue…

Michelle Carter, Divine Energy Channel & Author

Michelle Carter

Michelle Carter – Divine Energy Channel & Author

Special Offer

Learn about opening your heart and filling with pure Divine love and light, releasing blocks and moving forward to a happier life in Divine Flow…

Special Offer

ACC Free Gift Button

Receive Michelle’s free gift and experience: Releasing Blocks to Being Your True Inner Self. When the blocks, barriers and fears are released and removed, we find an amazing person beneath! Live life as your true inner self, live your passion and shine your Light! Just click on the Free Gift button above.

[When you click on the Free Gift button the audio file will open. If you right click on the page and then “Save page as” or “Save target as” depending on your browser, you can download the mp3 file to your computer.]

About Michelle:

Michelle has the ability to connect directly with Pure Source Light & Divine Energies and to channel them to release blocks that are stopping people from living the life of their dreams.

Her energy work is very powerful and she has been described as ‘The Real Deal’ many times, due to the palpable energy she channels and her pure, kind, caring nature and very Divine Integrity. Many of her clients are Light Workers who really feel and value the power in her work and channeling abilities.

She was guided to write her books ‘Loving You’ and ‘Awaken to Peace’ to inspire as many people as possible to believe they can use the Power of the Universe to create positive change, and to start taking small steps each day to make this actually happen.

Michelle has used her own energy work and channeling gifts to transform her own life from a place of despair, when after a lifetime of ill health, she experienced a major physical body break down, with her relationship ending and finding herself in lack, ill health as a single Mum of two children.

As Michelle transformed her own life from illness to good health, she inspired others and shared her work with them. You too can benefit from the energy work and tools that Michelle discovered to shift her own life, from severe adrenal exhaustion, no income and total despair to being a published author and International Divine Channel in just a few years.

I am thrilled to introduce you to… Michelle Carter



2 September 2016: Let the Healing Hangouts commence:

Lisa Barnett Akashic Knowing Banner

Lisa Barnett image

Lisa Barnett – Akashic Record Expert

Special Offer

Learn about your soul contracts in the Akashic Records

Special Offer

ACC Free Gift Button

Receive three free gifts and learn  about how  the Akashic Records can help you in your daily life.

You’ll receive an Akashic Prayer to Clear Karma, an eBookAnswering Your Akashic Record Questions, and the Soul Symbol Meditation to help you connect to whatever your heart desires.

Receive all 3 gifts and learn about Lisa’s            Lisa Barnett's book

brand new #1 Int’l Best Selling Book


The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records”





If you’re looking for soul guidance and wonder what is blocking your progress in life, my guest Lisa Barnett will share how accessing your Soul’s own Library – the Akashic Record can unblock and transform your life.

As the founder of the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom, Lisa has more than 20 years’ experience working with clients…

…along with teaching countless students around the world how to access their own Akashic Records, using a dynamic and powerful short-cut to the Akashic Field … Lisa helps her clients and students to heal their emotional scars, clear soul contracts, and walk their own true soul path.

An internationally-respected Akashic Record Master, Guide, and Transformational Teacher, in this interview, she shows how you too can easily find greater fulfillment, happiness, and abundance, by aligning with your Soul’s Path.

I am thrilled to introduce you to… Lisa Barnett




















































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