SoulZignS Healing Hangout – Calling Writers, Poets and Photographers

It’s Friday 13th January 2017… Let the Healing Hangouts continue…

Sarah Barton and Camilla Lundberg at Angel Cuddle Cafe

Sarah Barton and Camilla Lundberg

SoulZignS Magazine

 SoulZigns Healing Hangout Audio

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This Friday’s Healing Hangout is an audio about 26 minutes long.

We recorded a short guide on the upcoming magazine. We are launching SoulZigns on 8th March, which is International Women’s Day – a good day for celebrating the magazine and the Divine feminine.

Would you like to be a part of SoulZignS?


SoulZignS Magazine

We discussed how the magazine and its name came about, the aim of the magazine and how you can be a part of the magazine, if you’d like, with submission guidelines, topics etc.

You can download the full transcript, with quick links, in pdf format HERE!

The recording includes a quick grounding and connection including the following statement.

As I stand on this bridge, I declare my knowing of my oneness with Creator. As a creator being, I expand my consciousness and connect with all those who are here to mutually connect with me and me with them for the highest good of all. I connect and build bridges of love and wisdom with and to all those who can assist me and those whom I can assist. I release all negative connections of every kind and therefore cause positive outcomes for everyone. So, I call specifically here and now upon all those who have something to share with SoulZignS. With much love, it is so.

The magazine’s purpose is to touch your soul and reveal the adventure it yearns to be, fully expressing YOU. Discover the pure love, joy and magic in the world within and around you. Sharing light and love.

In the words of Camilla:

I want it to be uplifting. To give hope and love and strengthen all who read it.

So, if you share in our beliefs, in the purpose of the magazine we are welcoming submissions. If you feel you have something to share we give you general guidelines in the recording and in more detail on the page entitled

“Being a part of Angel Cuddle Café”  which has guidelines on membership, being a guest speaker and the guidelines for magazine submissions.

We really are looking forward to presenting the magazine to the world and sharing with others, and letting others share their souls, their experiences and help others. We look forward to receeiving your submissions. If we can’t use it for the magazine, we may say we can use it for the blog instead. So, there are two options or opportunities.

Love from me and love from Camilla…


About Camilla and Sarah:

Camilla Lundberg is an Author & Spiritual Messenger, Intuitive therapist, Healer and Naturopathist (Nature medical therapist).
In her treatments, she uses her knowledge in, for example the elements, meridians, acupressure and zones and combines it together with healing and her intuition.
She also works with help and messages from the angels.
As do I, and we’ve both realised, well, we’ve both woken up to the fact that we’re also very much guided by Mary Magdalene and also Yeshua. They, of course, came to the Earth as a pair and still work together via people like us, souls like us; to continue their teachings, as the embodiment of the Divine masculine and feminine.


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